Copyright © 2021.4 CM Evans

“Tell Me What is Your Plan …” Copyright © 2021.4 CM Evans

“Beach Houses, Sunset Beach” Copyright © 2021 CM Evans

He read Candide, and laughed. People stared at him in the library. It was 10 AM. After having this, he walked to Pavilions and bought an expensive coffee, from a detoxed blonde, and spilled it on the floor of his car. He drove through the shade of many palm trees. He drove past 3 tall modern buildings, in the restrained style of Miles van der Rohe, the color of bone.

A Spanish pirate was buried where he parked his car, near Back Bay. The dead man’s name was José de Gálvez. He had been shot by an arrow in the…

CM Evans

CM Evans is a cartoonist, illustrator, and writer. He does all his writing and most important work with a cane chair.

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