I dream I am in back my routine job in Heaven, and God has lots of things to say because it is Monday. When I wake up I can’t remember what my job is in Heaven, but I dream about it from time-to-time.

But back to the dream:

“Take a look at all these new fish.” says God.

I look at them.

“I want you to sort them just like the other ones before, OK?”

“Gotcha.” I say.

“You sure you know what I’m talking about?”

“Yes sir.”

God isn’t sure but he’s willing to let me do my best.

“I’m going to round up some angels to do some encouraging in Brest by 4 O’Clock.”

“That sounds nice.”

“Doesn’t it? It will be fine. I’ll be back when you’re done with the fish. We might paint rain this afternoon, so it is nice and silvery.”

Before I can reply, God puts on his grey sweater and heads across the cool white room of clouds and out the door full of moonbeams and pillars of sunshine.

— -

CM Evans

CM Evans is a cartoonist, illustrator, and writer. He does all his writing and most important work with a cane chair.