CM Evans
1 min readJun 8, 2021


“Two Paintings” Copyright © 2021.6 CM Evans

now in age 50 fully involved
seeing a vision like a fire
burning down a physical self
thoughts center around aging again

cycles turning spinning a regime
of meditations as if like an athlete
i must be in prime shape for time’s assault
that will never stop until i am stopped

plans are made but seldom go
unplaced into motion plans expire
despite the game of thinking on
thinking thinking

feeling helpless and on edge
yet suddenly sometimes entering
another zone of having all the time
in the world like i always acted like i had

just as quickly now i see i do not
by witness of my parents
passing friends in a world that
came before me and thus owes me nothing

but i will be valiant in poems
and not give up happiness
because it is happiness
because i am happy

not think about things i should not
arrive at any conclusion of

or have any right to

— —

for Robert Funge



CM Evans

CM Evans is a cartoonist, illustrator, and writer. He does all his writing and most important work with a cane chair.